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I bought seven yards of cheepish wool off Ebay, only to find out that the brown had distinctly khaki overtones in daylight. Enter a kilo of salt, a kilo of soda ash, a liter of cleaning vinegar and one packet of Dylon machine dye in 'burgundy' (a very dark brownish reddish purple). A few hours later, I now have some nicely cinnamon-toned wool, a bit lighter maybe than what I was aiming for, but still acceptable. The plan is to make a brown dress that'll work for two outfits if I attach different sleeves. Since sleeves were still detachable at the time, I should be ok there.

Outfit 1:
(since I already have the slouch down pat)
Outfit 2:
(since it's warm, layerable and semi-practical)

I'm currently building a Dutch Tudor dress, which I'll hopefully be able to showcase at the Midwinter Fair. It has a red kirtle (I may cheat and use my red linen kirtle and just make the red wool sleeves, since that's all that shows really) and a blue gown with huge (fake) fur lined sleeves. The 'kirtle', incidentally, is the layer that you wear over your undies but under your next layer or 'gown'. So far I have half a bodice, half a skirt, loose sleeves which need to be attached to the gown (but are big enough to each be an a-line over the knee skirt by themselves), half a partlet and a head gear mockup. The outfit is inspired by this page:


Nov. 2nd, 2005 11:05 pm
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Darkest liquid night flowing
over my skin- man,
gotta love black silk velvet

I picked up some fabric at the Besterd market, some greenish mockup fabric, a length of black flowy twill, a rust coloured twill and an ultra solid black fabric. I did burn tests and they seem to be mostly cotton, with a tiny hint of polyester in the black twill and a greater percentage of synthetics in the green stuff.They're currently being tortured/washed and I'll see what they look like in the morning.

And then there's the silk velvet...I'm making a Dutch Tudor era outfit and it needs a beguin hood. I saw some black silk/rayon velvet for 7 euri and it looked gorgeous so I got myself a metre, enough to make three hoods. I might save the rest, pass it on or just sit there and pet it until my hands wear out:)

I am serving out my time at UPC, will have my life back after the 25th. Loving the work and the money, but hating the work load and disappearance of social life.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


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