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We're moving the bulk of our stuff tomorrow morning and I feel like I'm only half packed. It's hard to gauge how long all the little things will take to box up and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I'm also not sure if I informed everyone who offered to help. I feel like I'm forgetting something, but then again, that's the default setting of my brain in times like this. We'll start assembling at the old house at 10am tomorrow and again at 11 on Sunday. Address can be had by PM, e-mail or phone call.

And now back to my regular scheduled Kermit-flailing...


Jun. 9th, 2010 09:41 pm
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I was hesitant to arrange anything before it was official, but as of today, we have a new (rental) house in Delft. We're ending the lease on this house at the end of July. Due to this opportunity sneaking up on us, we've got a bit of a challenge on our hands.  The upcoming weekends include:

12-13 June: medieval faire in Dordrecht. No chances for DIY.
19-20 June: DIY weekend, probably cleaning and painting
26-27 June: Orfest on Saturday, DIY on Sunday (painting)
3-4 July: DIY, maybe more painting, maybe flooring
10-11 July: medieval faire in Groningen
17-18 July: moving furniture&boxes
24-25 July: maybe more moving, maybe cleaning the old house
31-1 July/August: preparing for Castlefest
6-7-8 August: Castlefest
9 August: unloading car, tidying stock. Keeling over ded.

There will be stuff on weekdays, but I'm sure we'll get more done if we've got a whole day. If anyone wants to help us out with anything, please let me know. We could really use the help!
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The little sandwich shop near where I work has dozens of sandwiches. They all have a name. One of them's the Vitae sandwich. They say it's got tuna in it...
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I've got around to taking and uploading some pics of my fabric. You guys have been great so far, but it would be great if I could destash a bit more. Please let me know if anything catches your eye. Some smaller pieces are free, others I'm selling at cost.

This isn't everything, but people bought a lot of what I had pics of. Go figure:P

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There's a balfolk coming up this Thursday. It's in Utrecht and I really shouldn't be going. You see, we've got a weekend event coming up that requires set-up time on Friday *and* I may have to work on Friday.

So, we're planning on going anyway.  Our regular dance class is on Thursdays, but is canceled for this event. So If I want a snowball's chance in hell of staying in shape, I'd better be there.

Will any of you be going? It might be nice to see some of you again and I have to admit I'd like to see some of you dance:P We ourselves are going to be at the workshop/intro thing at seven. We're not planning on staying until the end of the night and it's nice to get some more time in.

In other news, I'm starting work tomorrow, instead of last Friday. The guy who was supposed to show me the ropes couldn't make it. He was going to get me settled in before his g/f had a c-section and he went off on paternity leave. Nature took its course after all though and they had a little baby girl two weeks early.
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I got the job! They unexpectedly came to a conclusion today and I just got the call. They're trying me out on a temp basis for a month and a half. Two weeks of that I'll be working twice my normal hours to cover for a colleague (the 'tech guy') whose wife is giving birth around the end of the month. I could really use the monies, so I'm not grumbling.

They were a bit concerned about my assertiveness when it comes to making other people meet their deadlines. So that's definitely something I'll need to demonstrate. I really want the permanent contract, so I'm eager to prove I can bark or bite when needed. I'm not, and will never be, very in your face, but I have plenty of experience of being used as a door mat. I have learned a thing or two about confusing standing up for yourself with being a bitch. Still, if anyone has any pointers, I'd love to hear them.

Leveling up

Feb. 1st, 2010 05:18 pm
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I'm turning 29 on the seventh of Feb, or next Sunday. If anyone wants to drop by, we'd love to have you between 10.00 and 20.00. After 11-noonish the cake will have arrived with my parents but I'm sure we can find something to feed you before then. We'll have cheese cake, apple pie and also juice and coffee/tea. If you'd like to drop by, please, for the love of fuzzy bunnies, let us know. I would hate to miss one of you like I did last year. Gifts are optional but [ profile] twilightbanana can be bothered for gift suggestions.

Also, we still have fabric, six bins of cullings plus a stack of patterns. We're still selling them at cost, and we still have a few freebies. Feel free to take a look while you're here anyways!
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I noticed over Christmas that the Beeb had a Cranford xmas special. Also, they've recently started up a new series of Lark Rise to Candleford. Now I don't watch soap operas or reality shows, or anything that involves teh dramaz, really. I don't need to add someone else's misery to my own life. But series like this are my soap-light, fluffy little nothings with pretty clothes and happy endings. So I'm really happy there's a new season of LRTC, even though I will probably never admit to watching these ever again.

I also spent pretty much most of my money (not a lot to start with, but there you are) at Long Tall Sally.


I'm going to have to ask dancing lessons for my birthday because I can't pay for them now, but I effing well have clothing that fits. Well, fits better, anyways. The sleeves are long enough and my back and stomach aren't getting cold. And the waist is in the right place, accentuating my actual waist instead of making me look apple shaped or even pregnant. I've got nothing against apples, but I'm an extreme pear and making me look like an apple can only be  achieved by obscuring my waist completely.

There's a still a slight boob problem, in that I don't have any to speak of (AA-A) and the tops are made with boob space for a B-C cup. My hip to waist ratio is also a bit of a problem, but all of these tops are stretchy and will adapt. Compensating for all my quirks would mean venturing into DIY or tailormade territory. I know that I am Queen of the UnFinished Object, so making these myself isn't an option. And by virtue of being virtually broke (again), I can only pay tailors in fabric, which isn't legal tender. And I'm not sure how much I want to involve someone else again, after the last fiasco.

Anyways, I can haz shinies!
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When I'm all decked out in medieval clothing, people sometimes ask me if I wish I'd lived back then.

My answer, maybe surprisingly, would be "Hell, no!" I'd maybe like to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. I like my central heating, glasses, antibiotics, access to university education and Internets, TYVM. I also like my hot and cold running water, but there's not so much of that right now.

It's been snowing and freezing for a bit. I think we had about 20-30 cm of snow yesterday and temperatures have been sub zero for the better part of a week now. All of this wouldn't be so horrible if this was Russia or Poland, but here, we're really not prepared for this kind of weather, mostly because we can go for years or decades without experiencing any.

Yesterday, I was going to join some friends for high tea in Delft. Then the bus company said they were canceling all lines for the day. I was going to get the tram, until I was told that the trains may not run. I didn't want Twi to go out on the uncleared roads, so I called to cancel. We ended up taking advantage of the extra time to further organise the workshop/office.

Then this morning, Twi did have to go out on to the roads. There was no longer a severe weather warning out and he'd almost certainly get flak from his boss if he didn't at least try. We were both wishing he didn't have to go, but it just wasn't on the cards. Twi just called me and it is taking longer, but he is ok and will get to work eventually.

Just before he left though, we found out our water supply was cut off. Our toilet is only good for one or two more flushes and the taps only yielded maybe a litre of water before they ran dry. The housing association referred me to the water company, since it's supposed to be affecting this whole slice of R'dam. The water company said they had people out to look at it and they took down my number, but they couldn't tell me how long it would take to fix.

I went around to the neighbours, so they wouldn't be stuck calling the water company too. The neighbour across the hall was glad I called. She just came off the night shift at the home for the elderly nearby. Being short staffed (2 nurses for the whole building) due to the condition of the roads, she was exhausted and couldn't move herself to call anyone. The downstairs neighbour (I think she's an MD of some sort) told me there was still water around 1 am, when she came off the late shift. The lady across the hall from her (Turkish SAHM) was told by the same water company I called that it was the housing association's fault we had no water and she should call them.

Twi told me they were poking at something in the next street when he drove off, so that does sound like it's the water company. I'm pretty confused by now and I just hope they fix it soon. I hate not knowing what's going on.

ETA: annnd there was water. The tap in the kitchen, which I left open, sprang back to life with a mighty "SPLORP" a little while ago. YAY water! Now to go and make some more tea.
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How would you guys feel about a rummage in (part of) my cloth pile?

I've given away most of the fabric I didn't care for much. But this is the good stuff, mostly natural fabrics (wool, linen, some cotton, silk and ramie) and I'm keeping all the bright pink and chartreuse, so they're very respectable colours, too. I can throw in some patterns, nifty projects-in-progress or trim if anyone would like to adopt them. I will try to take pics asap.

If I had unlimited space, I would hang on to these lovely lengths of fabric. But my house is tiny and my hobbies are of the bulky variety. I need somewhere to set up my sewing machine and run my business. In a last ditch attempt to make space (and show I'm not a hoarder, darnit) I'd like to ask you guys to help me out.

So if any of this sounds good, please do drop by. I'll be home most of the week but I'd prefer if you dropped by on Friday on Saturday, if at all possible. I prefer cash but if you have a marketable skill or maybe some less bulky shinies you'd like to trade, I'm open to bartering goods or creative/crafting services for fabric. There shall be tea and on Saturday, I am told there may be scones. Dinner can be arranged if you let me know you'll be coming.

Prices will be between 1-12 Euro a metre, with most being below 5. I will not be making a profit on anything, I'm just trying to make my house more liveable now that moving is off the cards. And I'm not entitled to any benefits after the end of the month, so all help is welcome. Please let me know if there's anything you're currently looking for, it'll help me prioritize picture taking.

PS: We don't smoke, but we do have a cat. If you're allergic to cats: it has been kept in sealed containers, but cat hair gets everywhere by teleportation, so please take that into account.


Nov. 30th, 2009 01:32 pm
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I'm updating my networking site stuffs and I just realized that at least three of my current customers are ladies who turned me down for a job at some point.
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My uni has a school paper. It deals with small things and has columns filled with complaints about how hard it is to hand in a column on time. It also has articles about recent research, which is why they ran one about microjustice last week.

Apparently, microjustice is named microjustice because it is a bit like microcredit. While microloans make money available to people who'd otherwise never be able to raise enough money, the idea of microjustice is that it brings justice to those who can't access the traditional courts of law. They could be too poor to afford someone to represent them or unable to make the long trip to the nearest court house. Most of the time, it's probably both.

There are various ways this can work, but usually a local person is appointed or elected to mediate in conflicts. It seems like a pretty good idea, very empowering and such. Like the interviewees pointed out though, there are a lot of potential drawbacks:

- justice should be available to all anyway
- the traditional judicial system is even less likely to cater to 'difficult' groups
- if the mediator does not get paid, they must find time to do this job as well
- if the mediator does get paid, it becomes in their interest to draw out proceedings
- the status and power of the position could go to the mediator's head and they might start abusing their power
- appointed mediators may not have the support and authority of an elected one
- but electing a mediator would not necessarily yield the best candidate (money/popularity contest etc.)

So, how is this different from 'macrojustice'? Is it a good thing? What do you think?
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I'd planned other things for today, but instead I feel this urge to start an early spring cleaning. I'd already sorted through my patterns, sheepies and part of the fabric pile in the past few weeks, but still, it's nagging at me. I just put all our books on the new and old bookshelves and am happy to report that we could still, potentially, be Pterry's friend:P Of course, I now have books to get rid of, and fabric, skins and trim...

Maybe I should have a sale/swap party or something. I dunno. Somehow I don't think the average Marktplaats or Ebay customer would appreciate my lovelies.

What I want to do, is go through the rest of the fabric pile. Get rid of the wool I bought because it was wool and cheap-ish. Get rid of the weird, patterned stuff I'm not sure I ever wanted, take out everything that got mucked up in the wash and especially get rid of all the UnFinished Objects I'm never going to finish anymore. I need the space so I can do workshop classes in here and I am so done with projects that have no purpose anymore, other than make me feel guilty and miserable for not finishing them. (Of course what I should be doing is vacuuming and preparing orders to go out.)
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Our local bridal shoppe is selling off coupons of silk (doupion, brocade, taffeta) at 1 euro for <1m and 5 for >1m.


Sep. 24th, 2009 07:48 pm
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This. It's really bigger than Sutton Hoo. I know there less context and everything, but, dude!
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10 October 2009 - 3 January 2010
The Hours of Catherine of Cleves (c. 1440)

...the museum will display the most important late medieval manuscript from the Northern Netherlands still in existence:
The Hours of Catherine of Cleves (c. 1440). This top piece from The Morgan Library & Museum in New
York will be taken apart for this once-only event in Nijmegen, where over 90 pages of this anonymous
masterpiece can be seen individually.

At home with Catherine: the household account books of Catherine of Cleves
An important recent archival discovery will occupy centre stage in the Print cabinet: the ‘Household
account books’ of Catherine of Cleves. They were used to keep the administration of her household in the
Valkhof castle in Nijmegen as well as other residences of the Guelders’ dukes, such as castle
Schwanenburg in Cleves. Written centuries ago, the precisely recorded orders can now tell us about the
amount of meat and fish that was eaten, how much straw was needed for the horses and about
Catherine’s medicinal herbs.

The Joyful Reception of Catherine of Cleves: costumes from the early fifteenth century

This presentation in the museum gallery displays a festive reception of the Duchess of Guelders,
Catherine of Cleves, in Nijmegen. More than 20 figures from all layers of society are draped in the
costumes worn at the annual Limbourg Brothers Festival. The costumes were created by the studios Het
Woud der Verwachting, Stadelmaier, Sint Sartorius, Atelier Roes and the Nijmegen studio Cotardie in
collaboration with the Limbourg Brothers Foundation. One of the highlights in the presentation is an
authentically made reconstruction of the spectacular costume in which Catherine of Cleves is portrayed in
her famous Book of Hours from around 1440.

(This is in museum Het Valkhof)
I'm kind of dreading the costume recreations, considering the quality of the some of the costumes last year. Still, I'm aways happy to be pleasantly surprised. The book of hours, as far as I can see, has some interesting scenes and things so that should be fun. I hope it's not as busy as the Limbourg Brothers thing though.

I suddenly started to wonder about why I like this old stuff so much. I mean, it's not a very common interest. I think it irks me that most people think that until 100 years ago, everyone was wearing burlap sacks and living in leaky hovels. I have great respect for how all of this was done, by hand and often better than we can recreate. It feels a bit like honouring the ingenuity and craftsmanship of these people.

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I'm decluttering (again) and have listed some shoes on MP. If anyone's interested, please bid, there's some pretty good stuff in there: are the ones I personally like best, you can click my seller link to see everything.

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...I wish I had Vogue 1132 made up in some nice pearl grey suiting wool, maybe with slightly wider pants and slightly belled sleeves. Not sure I'll ever get off my butt to do it myself though.
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