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We've had our cat Aeryn for years now and up to recently, she was an only cat. We still have a kitty house guest though, so that's been interesting. Mauw (short for Poesie Mauw, which neither of us can say out loud with a straight face) is doing much better than when she came in.

She spent a day or two under the desk in the hobby room and then hopped up onto the shelf that gets the best sunlight. She is very cuddly and not shy at all, but she wasn't eating very well and she was very thin. After having her wormed, vaccinated (! we all thought she was but she wasn't) and chipped, it was time to check her teeth. They ended up taking out three teeth and although we have no reliable scales, she is sure to weigh more now than the two kg's she did when they weighed her. Her shoulders are much less pointy and her spine isn't just padded with her skin and thick fluffy fur any more. We're very relieved it was that easy to fix. It's not nice to watch a cat sniff at food and then not eat it.

This new energy seems to have also helped in settling the territorial disputes. The cats have decided that the hobby room is Mauw's and the rest of the house is Aeryn's. Mauw used to tentatively wander a bit but hasn't recently. Aeryn will go into the hobby room to use the litter box, but will run to get there. She'll only steal Mauw's food if Mauw is not around and is very twitchy in that room. Meanwhile, Mauw reigns supreme on the sun shelf and enjoyed thorough petting by almost everyone at my party last Sunday.

We're now sure that Mauw can't go back to her last owner, though. Of course there is the question of where Mauw will go next. We're not really in a financial position to eventually take on the potential costs of two aging cats. Even if we were, we'd prefer to have a second cat that didn't just ignore Aeryn, but maybe got along with her a bit better. Armed peace may be better than what some cat-owned end up with, but it's still not ideal. So the search is on for a new home for Mauw...


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