Dec. 19th, 2010 08:58 pm
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We tried to make it through the snow to Utrecht for the last performance of the Dorestad 1493 play. We'd originally asked for a ride from [ profile] janestarz  and [ profile] nokey , but they didn't want to brave the snow when the traffic was already pretty bad. The buses were actually running on time and so was the first train, so we were feeling pretty optimistic at first. Then we were going veryyy sloowwwly and arrived just in time to see the train leave that we were supposed to catch in Rotterdam. So much for traveling together...

Things pretty much went pear shaped from there. The next train left late and they announced that it would only go as far as the last stop before Utrecht, Woerden. At the stop before Woerden, we had to wait for a train to clear the stretch of track our train needed to use. Janie&co called us to say they were stranded too and were considering turning around. We looked at the clock and we had a snowball's chance in hell (c what I did there?) of making it in time. In other words: time to call it a day. When we caught the train to The Hague, the train we were in before was still just sitting there. The rest of our train trip was slow, but uneventful. When we finally got off the train and went to catch a bus, we saw two leave in front of our eyes because there was no safe way to run and catch one.

Still, we made it home in one piece and a bit of preparation meant we were well-supplied with sandwiches, hot tea and reading material/crafts projects. I just feel unhappy I spent all this time traveling (left 10.45, got back around 15.00) and have nothing to show for it. I really hope it's going to be better over this week as I'd hate to miss Christmas with my family because of the snow. And maybe another year of heavier snow will get it into people's heads that hey, maybe we are getting more snow. Who knows, they might even *gasp* free up money to weatherproof the trains. They managed to pick up more snowploughs for the roads...
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