Feb. 4th, 2011

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We can haz printy!

This would have been a lot easier if hplipopensource.org hadn't been offline for a while. If anyone's even remotely interested: cups needed a filter/plugin and the version of hplip I was using didn't include it. I had issues earlier with backwards compatibility, so I was pretty sure using the very latest version wouldn't help. Heh, shows how much I know.

Now to nab some screencaps and store them where I can find them...(although most of it runs by itself and tells you what to do, so I won't need all of it).
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Like most Dutch people, we pay for our utility bills up front. The utility company estimates how much it should be and divides it into twelve monthly payments. They generally check if the amount is correct only once a year. We found out today that we've been paying almost three times the amount we should have been paying since we moved in in June. All that time, that money wasn't available to us and they have been gathering interest on it.

I wish I could say this was a freak occurrence, but this has been true for every house we've ever moved into. Sometimes it's only a couple of tenners, but it's always higher than what we end up using. I don't know if they're expecting us to crank up the heat so we can walk around in swim gear or something, but it was as bad as we've seen this time. We looked into lowering the amount, but they wouldn't go further than 10%. They also stipulated that you can get no financial consideration/help whatsoever for the rest of the year if you lower the amount. That's even if your financial situation changes completely but your usage is as you estimated yourself.

It's good that we can pay off some things with this lump sum, but they would have been paid off ages ago if we'd had the money...


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